Storme DeLarverie – Mannish Queer Icon

Just be themselves, like they’ve always been.
They don’t have to pretend anything. They’re who they are.
Storme DeLarverie

Homage to Storme DeLarverie, one of the New York Stonewall Riot’s activist, who died May 24 2014, at 93 years old.

StormeDeLarverie_DianeArbus_Stonewallriots -Malesoulmakeup

Storme DeLarverie by Diane Arbus
Legend drag performer & Stonewall Riot veteran

Cross-dresser and lesbian activist, Storme DeLarverie performed the drag queen group known as the Jewel Box Revue, a travelling showcase for the art form of female impersonation in 1940’s across the America and Canada during a time when being openly gay or even dressing in drag, was a criminal offense often punishable by law. During the 1950’s and the 1960’s Storme was the Jewel Box Revue’s only male impersonator. She carried a straight-edge razor in her sock.

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Patty Owens dedicates her way to be a mannish queer girl to Storme DeLarverie.

PattyOwens -maleimpersonator_StormeDeLarverie_crossdressing_fashion_queer_Malesoulmakeup

Male Impersonator, Patty Owens to Storme DeLarverie, 2014.