The Pshyco Cross-Dressing of James Franco

James Franco is the protagonist of Psycho Nacirema Exhibition at Pace Gallery in London.
Directed by the Scottish video artist Douglas Gordon, the American artist and actor is Marion Crane, the character played by Janet Leigh in Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock (1960), for a queer multi-media installation using the film as a inspiration.
Psycho Nacirema recreates lots of iconic scenes from the movie, using the original location, The Bates Motel set.

James Franco as Janet Leigh in Psycho.

Psycho Nacirema exhibition
James Franco as Janet Leigh (Marion Crane) in Psycho

In the original, the psycho is a cross-dresser and the victim female. It’s obviously an old-fashioned idea that a transvestite would be a psycho. By casting myself as Marion Crane, I hope to undermine those dated notions. I’m very into role-playing: when I crossdress, it is an overt way of showing people I’m playing a “character”. It raises awareness of the choices we make every minute of every day to be who we are. We are all playing roles (James Franco, Interview for theguardian).

Psycho Nacirema
June 06 2013 – July 27 2013
Pace Gallery, London