Jean-Pierre Maurin Fashion Photography

A serendipity factor called Patty Owens: by looking for Patty I discovered Jean-Pierre Maurin Photography.

Do you know who’s Linda Mason?

That’s how the conversation between Jean-Pierre Maurin and me started. He’s a French photographer that I met on Facebook. Thirty years ago he realized a series of portraits illustrating the eighties by using a kind of film and such a taste which I would just define as “Patty Owens”.

Linda make up artist… a very good friend of me. We work a lot together in the eighties!!

JP. Maurin, as he loves to call himself, together with stylist Silko Silk, portrayed a lot of young fashion models such as the blonde Julie Silliman.

Ektachrome JP.Maurin

Photographer: JP.Maurin
Model: Julie Silliman
Stylist: Silko Silk
Make Up Artist: Linda Mason

Malesoulmakeup: What can you say about Fashion Photography? What’s your opinion.
Jean-Pierre Maurin: Fashion Photography est un domaine de grande créativité ou le photographe n’est pas le seul? ne pas oublier le travail des coiffeurs, maquilleurs, stylistes, accessoiriste.

Silko Silk by J.P. Maurin

Silko Silk by J.P. Maurin, 1980s

Malesoulmakeup: 1980. Tell us someting about your vision of that time.
Jean-Pierre Maurin: 1980 has been a great time for creators: there was a real interest for young talents…

Ektachrome JP.Maurin

Ektachrome JP.Maurin, 1980s

Malesoulmakeup: Digital, anolog photography and you. From the 80’s up to 2013. What is your location?
Jean-Pierre Maurin: I like both but I don’t like photoshop.

Malesoulmakeup: How do you think that studying photography is relevant to become a photographer?
Jean-Pierre Maurin: No school at all I think some people have ear, other have eye. Sometimes school ask me teaching photography: I said no… I am an autodidact.

Vitrine sur la 5th Avenue in NY - Polaroid by JeanPierreMaurin

Vitrine sur la 5th Avenue in NY – Polaroid by JeanPierreMaurin, 1980s

Malesoulmakeup: You are aware of The Patty Owens’ Project: it basically consists of talking about an imaginary kind of woman. Your women remind me of Patty Owens. What does Patty Owens mean to you?
Jean-Pierre Maurin: Patty Owens is a woman of our time, very pretty and sexy too. Difficult for me to tell with 3 words I love her.

Ektachrome JP.Maurin

Ektachrome JP.Maurin, 1980s

English Text: Naike Valeriano