Kurd Men for Equality

Being a woman is not a tool to humiliate or punish anyone“. This is the slogan of the group called Kurd Men for Equality, a cultural and gender-bender photographic queer campaign to support gender equality in response to an Iranian court’s sentence, on April 15 2013, for Saman Rasoulpour, a man found guilty in a domestic dispute. The punishment was a public humiliation: a “sexist walking”. Saman Rasoulpour, dressed in traditional Kurdish women’s clothing, had to walk through the northwestern city of Marivan.

So, from April 18 the protest against this sexist way to punish a man and violate the female social respect has a global stage: facebook.
Over 150 men have submitted photos of themselves in women’s clothing and 17 members of Iran’s parliament have even signed a letter sent to the the Justice Ministry condemning this sentence as ‘humiliating to Muslim women.

Kurd Men for Equality – facebook page

This is my personal support to this campaign


Gender Equality
Francesco Paolo Catalano